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We are proud to introduce our 2017 range of Surfboards. Along with the boards that have been in the range for a while, all the latest models have gone through significant research and development with our team of amateur and professional surfers. Our mission is to offer one of the most comprehensive catalogue of boards of any Australian brand and to have the ability to intuitively customise a surfboard for those at any level from beginner to professional.

About the shaper REX MARECHAL :

Rex Marechal started his career hand shaping in the late 70’s in Southern California. After a long internship with some of the most prestigious factories in San Diego as a shaper, glasser, and sander, his surfing was blossoming on his own crafts. He quickly became popular for his shaping skills and started his own label in 1982. Now well into his third decade, he has had the opportunity to shape for some of the world’s best labels and surfers with great success. With his ghost shaping labels such as Channel Islands, Chilli, Xanadu, Eric Arakawa, Pyzel and Webber (to name a few) his experience shows through on the end product.

Mixing the old-school with the new, Rex has a foundation of shaping skills that have earned the respect from his peers. From every single facet in the art of surfboard manufacturing, to an educated understanding in CAD shaping and designing technology, which he embraced very early in it’s introduction, he is a complete shaper in tune with all of the latest developments in the industry. And as an accredited AKUshaper owner and operator, you can trust Rex to design a craft suited to your needs and specifications. All the boards are finish-shaped off by Rex in his state-of-the-art factory on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. And his staff of professionals in the glassing do the final glass work.

Passionate about surfing and surfboards, Rex strives for the best product possible and offers a complete range of surfboards developed for waves all over our globe.

Winner of the ICONS OF FOAM 2017 !

A flyer/swallow tail with deep single concacve and forward width makes this stepdown a solid performer in good waves.
A full rocker with plenty of rail curve between the feet makes it great for vertical turns in juicy surf and great for airs.
Rider : Intermediate to advanced
Surf : 2-6 ft
Best fit : 2” shorter than standard shortboard
Fins : 3

If quick acceleration and downright speed is your thing, then this is for you.
Forget everything you thought about retro fishes, there is nothing retro here – it drives through the fat sections and turns with ease.
Heaps of deck volume and deep double concaved vee help control the copious amounts of speed you’ll generate.
Available in sizes 5’2” – 6’2”. Ride 6-8” inches shorter,
1/4” thicker and 1 1/2” wider than standard.


This compact little gem carries goof deal of volume through the nose and tail, and excels in good surf.Smooth rocker with single double concave and fine rails combine to make the Buzz and excellent all-rounder pocket rocket. Available ony as rounded pin tail.
Rider : Intermediate to advanced
Surf : 3-6 ft
Best fit : 1-2” shorter than standard shortboard
Fins : 3, 4 and 5

All new 2017 Boom !
A nice curvaceous all rounder with a mellow single into double concave.
Works good in overhead conditions but also excels in punchy beaches.
Check out the review of Clay Marzo riding it on our blog page.
Comes in Round Square, Thumb or Swallow tail 3 or 5 fin configuration.
Stock sizes and volumes coming soon, Stay tuned !

The Freckle is an ultra high performance step down made for quick vertical turns in small surf. Bottom is a single to double concave with tail kick and slight vee running out of the tail.

This is a great all rounder for small surf.
Rider : Intermediate to advanced
Surf : 1-4 ft
Best fit : 2” shorter than standard shortboard
Fins : 3, 4 and 5

A step-up round pin for serious conditions.

A nice smooth rocker with slight single to double concave provides plenty of drive in reef breacks and heavy barrels. The DM-1 loves to drive through large carves on big open faces.
Rider : Advanced
Surf : 4-10 ft
Best fit : 1-2” shorter than standard shortboard
Fins : 3, 4 and 5

The fuller outline and thickness carried through the Buzz Plus makes it an excellent all rounder.
A smooth rocker with single to double concaves gives it a drivey feel with heaps of release.
An excellent ‘go-to’ board for those who like to limit there quiver to a few boards. Available in any tail shape but stock are usually thumbtails.
Rider : Intermediate to advanced
Surf : 2-6 ft
Best fit : 1-2” shorter than standard shortboard
Fins : 3, 4 and 5

A vertical turning, fast high performance shortboard with slight single into double concave and a ‘flip’ in the tail, making it very lively and loose in critical sections.
Rider : Intermediate to advanced
Surf : 2-6 ft
Best fit : standard shortboard
Fins : 3, 4 and 5

Super flat with a “Dolphin” bottom (slight double into deep spiral vee) makes this a super fast fun board with ample paddle power and heaps of drive. Great for small, fat waves when you don’t want to ride a longboard.

Rider : Intermediate to advanced (depending on lenght/volume)
Surf : 1-4 ft
Best fit : 6 to 8” shorter than standard shortboard
Fins : 3, 4 and 5

The Squelch i sbest described as an all-rounder and grovels pretty well but comes into its own in good surf.
With its wider nose, hip between the feet, pulled-in tail, flatter rocker and a single-to-concave with vee off the tail makes for a very fast and drivey combination.
Rider : Intermediate to advanced
Surf : 3-6 ft
Best fit : 2” shorter than standard shortboard
Fins : 3, 4 and 5

The blood Diamond is not only one of the most popular models but probably the funnest board in your quiver. Incorporating the RMS dolphin-bottom with a flat rocker, wide nose and stumpy tail, it’s a dream come true in less than desirable conditions.
Refined rails and round outline make it turn tight in the pocket while being driven and speedy on takeoff.

This “Dolphin Bottom” has a double concave with deep vee and flat rocker.
The acceleratio and drive is phenomenal.
It can be ridden as a beginner board with hhigh volume or as a shortboard groveller for the advanced surfer. It has been our most popular step-down board because of its versatility and transcendence through any abillity of rider.
Works particulary well as a 4-fin so the 5-fin option is recommended.
Rider : Beginner to advanced
Surf : 1-5 ft
Best fit : 4-5” shorter than standard shortboard
Fins : 3, 4 and 5


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